I offer design and illustration services to architects and interior designers, as well as for editorial and marketing commissions.

I am fortunate that my life’s work lies at the nexus of life-long passions:  Drawing, Building, Traveling, Learning and Educating.

In my 30 years as a design/build professional, I have worn a number of hats, developing a broad and varied repertoire of skills.  Over a decade as a project coordinator and manager in new home construction and renovation, I understand how a home is crafted--and the satisfaction of seeing a home take shape from frame to finish while guiding clients knowledgeably through the experience.

In 1998, relaying an idea to a cabinet maker necessitated my creating a detail drawing.  This was the beginning of my fascination with designing domestic spaces—kitchens and pantries, dressing rooms, personal libraries—and the intricacies of melding materials seamlessly into beautiful, functional spaces.  My work has been published and awarded for its ingenuity and character, which is a great source of pride for me.  Steadily my work evolved to encompass interior design, decoration and furnishings--the practical aspects of which benefit from my background in the built environment; creativity springing from the part of me that seeks balance among forms and delights in the interplay of color, pattern and texture.  The years I’d spent pursuing a degree in fine arts before redirecting my studies to building construction and architecture serve me well as a designer.

Seeking to broaden my knowledge of interior architecture and mouldings, I became involved with the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, (ICAA) a national organization devoted to advancing the appreciation and practice of the principles of traditional architecture and its allied arts.  Attending the ICAA’s drawing tour of Rome in 2009 would be the pivotal point in my career, as I became acquainted with architect Kahlil Hamady— joining his exquisitely talented firm, Hamady Architects, in 2010.  Here my education in architecture truly began, guided by the firm’s fluency in the language of Classicism.  My designs became more thorough, my drawing and painting skills encouraged and refined.  My experience with Hamady Architects has taken me throughout eastern United States, into France, Italy and the United Arab Emirates as I contributed to the firm’s award-winning projects while furthering my understanding of architecture, design and craftsmanship throughout Europe and beyond.

I now bring my work to a larger sphere of practitioners:

Those who value the art that is integral to contemporary Classical design and recognize the power of hand-drawing and rendering.